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Desidererei trascorrere una notte, per due in Val D'orcia -Toscana- presso un agriturismo che abbia anche la mezza pensione e possibilmente ubicato su una collina della valle (caratteristico della zona).

Aux alentours de Rome , 2 semaines juillet ou août , 2 adultes et 3 enfants, je recherche un gîte avec si possible une piscine à proximité ainsi que de la restauration avec des produits locaux, en bref, de la détente , de la verdure et quelques bon petits plats......

Nous sommes 8 personnes (2 familles : 2 adultes + 2 enfants). Merci poru vos réponses. Bien à vous Caroline

Siamo una famiglia di 4 persone (2 adulti e 2 bambini di 6 e 8 anni)e cerchiamo un agriturismo nei pressi di Gardaland1. una notte con colazione con eventuali biglietti a prezzi agevolati per ingresso al parco

Buscamos alojamiento en la zona del Chianti con desayuno incluido. Nos gustaria un lugar centrico para poder movernos a ver otros lugares y poder hacer alguna cata de vinos. Gracias!

We would like to stay in Tuscany in August. We are a couple In the late fifties from Norway and we are spending tree weeks travelling in Toscana. A nice place with good Italian food and wine. Aase and Helge.

  • Agriturismo Il Castelluccio: Arezzo, Arezzo, TUSCANY
  • Agriturismo Il Castelluccio: Arezzo, Arezzo, TUSCANY
  • Agriturismo Il Castelluccio: Arezzo, Arezzo, TUSCANY
  • Agriturismo Il Castelluccio: Arezzo, Arezzo, TUSCANY
Rates Arezzo Gallery Arezzo

Agriturismo Il Castelluccio - Arezzo, Arezzo

Loc. Badia San Veriano, 7
52100  Arezzo  (Arezzo)

Type: Farmhouse accommodation
Geographical Location: Hill
Accommodations: n°4 Apartment . Total Guests 27

The Castelluccio is not only a cottage that has been restructured in stone but also a very welcoming place. It shows the roots and history of the people that lived there and managed to survive not only war but also poverty and social conditions, it represents simple and warm hearted country folk culture and is based on real and true relations.

The creation of Agritourism has attempted to protect and respect the possible original traditions.
Il Castelluccio is a farmhouse constructed from the local stone, positioned inside a very small inhabited village with frequent visitors from the local area.
Historically there were reports of human settlements and the formation of numerous rural centres and defences after the Lombardian invasion that occurred around 575 ad.
There is no evidence but it is very probable that in ancient times il Castelluccio was a small castle defending what followed and came to be the present place name. The first reports that we are certain of is that a terroritory was well organized inside Badia (Badia San Veriano) up to 1095 d.C.

Accommodations and Services in Agriturismo Il Castelluccio

Castelluccio has got five apartments located in the principal building, a detached residence and on first floor, up the restaurant for only guest. The furniture of all these apartments is realized with typical ancient Tuscan pieces, and there is running water, electric light and a heating system.
La Casa
La Casa (the house) surely is the oldest apartment of the whole farmhouse. An internal stairway made of stone brings to the top floor where there are:
a large kitchen with an antique fireplace, a bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom with a shower and a tub, a large bedroom with a double bed and a full size bed. 
La Casina
Casina is the detached residence, from which we can admire a beautiful view. It has:
on the ground floor a spacious kitchen with a fireplace, with a double sofa-bed, a beautiful stairway, on the top floor a room with a double bed, a full size bed and a bathroom with a shower.

Il Rifugio
Il Rifugio is the smallest apartment, but not the less. There is:
in the ground floor a lounge with a corner for cooking, a small stone stairway, in the top floor a bedroom with a double bed and a bathroom with a shower.

La Baita
La Baita is the most particular of the four apartments because of its ceiling structure. It is accessed by an outside stairway. This apartment has:
a lounge with a cooking area, a large bedroom with a double bed and a single bed, small bedroom with a full size bed, open area with a bed, a bathroom with a shower, a toilet.
Air condition 

Il Fienile
The Yellow Apartment has a kitchenette, dining room, two large bedrooms that can accomodate 6-8 people cmfortably. Access to the apartment, located on the first floor, is done by an outside staircase, from where you can admire a wonderful view. 

Sport: Bowling green, Ping-Pong

Internal Services: Heating, Daily cleaning, Final cleaning

Educational activities: Educational activities, Guided tour of the farm

Courses: Courses Cuisine

Ceremonies: Ceremonies, Meeting rooms

External services: Barbecue, Car park, Park

The children can run and play in total freedom, observing animals, unknown insects and make friends with animals of agritourism. If you want you can find everything combined,  you can happily find a hotel with a restaurant offering delicious tables of food.

The stay at the Agritourism site il Castelluccio, amid the marvelous natural park, is ideal for anybody (families, groups, couples etc) that wants to re-live the tranquility of a true and genuine countryside.
It is possible to go for long walls on the wide and suitable paths to observe wild animals in their natural environment.   The farmhouse is surrounded by a big private park which goes around a swimming pool.

In 2006 a farm house was restructured next to an old one. The construction is modern but inside it conforms to rustic characteristics.  In this building there is a new bedroom for guests, a modern kitchen and the restaurant dining room for (30 people)  with a wood fire.
You can enjoy a marvelous view of the valley through the glass doors and on the big terrace. Outside walls built from the local stone surround the structure. The menu is made up of typical Tuscan dishes, with the majority of the products from farm companies and in the surrounding area.
Guests are able to rediscover the ancient and genuine flavours relating to the ancient traditions.
The restaurant serves breakfasts, lunches and dinners booked in advance for Agritourism guests.

Where we are

Badia San Veriano
About a km in distance, with a walk for about 20 minutes, you reach Castelluccio, Badia San Veriano. Here you will find a beautiful church.  The geographical position and its structure make it a very fascinating place.
The construction of this church traces back to 100 ad as a Benedictan monastery with Byzantine, Roman and Ravennate influences.  It is assumed that from the Benedictine monastery is became
Camaldolese in the years between 1105 and 1113.
The present building is made up of a rectangular room ending with three semi circular apses of almost the same height and one to the other. On the left side the remains of the cylindrical bell tower. The crypt beneath is original and striking.

Arezzo has Etruscan origins, we already know that in the IX century bc there existed an Etruscan Arezzo with a name resembling the present name: Arretium.
In the following centuries it became a city of strategic importance.  The grounds of Arezzo have given birth to many important people: Guido Monaco, Francesco Petrarch, Giorgio Vasari, Michelangelo Buonarroti are among the most famous. Between 1418 and 1420 Piero Della Francesca was born, his works are admired also in  Arezzo, in the cathedral and in the Basilica of San Francesco to Monterchi and Sansepolcro.
There are many historic itineraries in Arezzo, religious and cultural that should not be missed.
The Cathedral ( Maddalena di Piero della Francesca, stain glass windows of Guglielmo de Marcillat)
Santa Maria della Pieve ( largest and most beautiful Romanic church of Aretino)
Piazza  ( one of the most original , organic and picturesque squares in Italy)
Basilica di San Francesco
Casa Vasari
San Domenico Church with  a splendid crucifix of  Cimabue

Chiusi della Verna
On the Sacro Monte, today’s convent has kept its places famous for St Francis   and the works successfully following. 

Camaldoli (m 814) with its retreat (m 1111), in the heart of the centuries old casentinese forest, is made up of half of the easy and suggested ways. The Hermitage, created by San Romualdo in 1012, was characterized for its cells, everything equal and separated one from the other, in which the monks were voluntarily enclosed.

Cortona, with Etruscan origins still conserves many works amongst the one eyed walls and various Estruscan tombs. The constructions are primarily medieval. By visiting the ancient history, for the breathtaking view for the architectural structure of the buildings that rock climb on the hill up to the church of Santa Margarita.


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Loc. Badia San Veriano, 7
52100 Arezzo

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Rates Arezzo Gallery Arezzo
Agriturismo Il Castelluccio



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