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Discover Vicenza

Guide to vacation in Vicenza
Discover Vicenza - Guide to vacation in Vicenza

Vicenza, a beautiful city of art, is renowned for the architectural patrimony Palladio has left to it.
The last of Palladio’s works was the Teatro Olimpico, magnificently completed by Vincenzo Scamozzi. Another of Palladio’s designs is Palazzo Chiericati, now home to the Civic Museum with important paintings of the Venetian school by Tintoretto and other great masters of northern Europe, such as Van Dyck. The palaces Iseppo da Porto and Barbaran-Porto are also by Palladio. In Corso Fogazzaro, visit the Valmarana-Braga Palace and the ‘Basilica’, which is of great historical importance. Facing it is the unfinished Loggia del Capitaniato.
On the hills south of Vicenza stands Villa La Rotonda, also designed by Palladio.

Enego in the province of Vicenza is a jewel-like town characterized by the perfect distribution of its buildings against the steep mountain wall. Visit the nineteenth-century Piazza del Popolo with the Cathedral of St. Giustina founded in 1429. Close by is Piazza San Marco, created from the demolition of the Scaligeri Castle. Marostica is another beautiful Vicenza town, noted for its ‘human-figures’ chess game. The town walls surrounding Marostica support the slope of the steep terrain in an extraordinary way. Marostica grew from the union of two castle buildings called the ‘Lower’ and the ‘Upper’. The town of Marostica is home to original and intriguing museums: the Museum of Straw Hats and that of the Living Chess Game Costumes.  Marostica, queen of the hills, is surrounded by the famous Marostica cherry trees. Two annual events in Marostica are the festival dedicated to the cherry’s excellence, and the living chess game in Piazza Centrale.

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