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Desidererei trascorrere una notte, per due in Val D'orcia -Toscana- presso un agriturismo che abbia anche la mezza pensione e possibilmente ubicato su una collina della valle (caratteristico della zona).

Aux alentours de Rome , 2 semaines juillet ou août , 2 adultes et 3 enfants, je recherche un gîte avec si possible une piscine à proximité ainsi que de la restauration avec des produits locaux, en bref, de la détente , de la verdure et quelques bon petits plats......

Nous sommes 8 personnes (2 familles : 2 adultes + 2 enfants). Merci poru vos réponses. Bien à vous Caroline

Siamo una famiglia di 4 persone (2 adulti e 2 bambini di 6 e 8 anni)e cerchiamo un agriturismo nei pressi di Gardaland1. una notte con colazione con eventuali biglietti a prezzi agevolati per ingresso al parco

Buscamos alojamiento en la zona del Chianti con desayuno incluido. Nos gustaria un lugar centrico para poder movernos a ver otros lugares y poder hacer alguna cata de vinos. Gracias!

We would like to stay in Tuscany in August. We are a couple In the late fifties from Norway and we are spending tree weeks travelling in Toscana. A nice place with good Italian food and wine. Aase and Helge.


Val di Non: for a winter

sports holiday steeped in art, nature and flavours
Val di Non: for a winter Like a tapestry woven in glorious colours by an artist's skilled hands, the Val di Non is one of the most picturesque areas in Trentino Alto Adige.

Wonderful to visit all year long, perhaps winter is the time it reveals its most hidden beauties to admiring tourists.
An ideal holiday location for all the family, the Val di Non has a range of attractions that will satisfy everyone, whether art enthusiasts, winter sports fans, gourmets or nature lovers.

Let's begin with art: in a fairytale landscape that conjures up echoes of knights and ladies there must be a majestic castle. And there is! The splendid Castello di Thun. Built in the mid-13th century, its stunning, well-preserved structure is complete with drawbridge, towers and battlements, while the castle interior contains the sumptuous original furnishings of the wealthy Tono family, once the residents of this stately home.
Can your spellbound eyes take in more wonders?

Yes! is the only possible answer when before you rise the magnificent Brenta Dolomites. It's not surprising that these mountains have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
This area is also home to the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, the largest protected area in the region, habitat of the brown bear, and where it's not hard to spot badgers, foxes and mountain goats, or even catch a glimpse of a curious marten peeping out. The park also has lakes of incredible beauty that seem the invention of a highly inspired artist's imagination. Above all, Lake Tovel, whose blue and green reflections alternate harmoniously to create an unforgettable natural spectacle. The numerous streams that course through the woods, and the waterfalls, gorges and torrents meandering among the rocks, make up the characteristic landscape that has earned the Val di Non the nickname "Valley of the Canyons".

There is no lack of high altitude activities for sports enthusiasts, such as skiing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding. The many ski stations cater for every level of ability, and there is special lighting for night skiing.
But if moonrise brings thoughts of romance, there's nothing better than a night of snowshoeing. The typical Val di Non snowshoes or ciaspole are great for exploring the mountains in a different style, walking together in the woods and stopping for refreshments at the many shelters along the way.

A holiday in the Val di Non would not be complete without a little self-indulgence: in other words sampling the delicious produce the excellent local cuisine has to offer, from Trentino grana cheese to desserts such as apple strudel or brezdel; not to mention the undisputed queen of the local tables, the Melinda apple, the only apple in Italy to be awarded with the prestigious "DOP" label of quality.

A perfect way to enjoy your holiday in Val di Non is to stay at one of the agritourisms that offer accommodation in the area. In fact, this is the only way to discover the value of a nature that speaks of unspoilt landscapes, respect for the environment, and the deep and primitive tie that binds it inseparably to mankind.

Did you know that…?
Until a few years ago, lovely Lake Tovel was the subject of a strange natural phenomenon: the colour of its water was vermilion red.
The scientific explanation is that the lake contained a type of algae that gave the lake its unusual colour. But a popular legend offers different reasons. It is said that hundreds of years ago, a beautiful princess by the name of Tresenga lived near the lake in the town of Ragoli. After rejecting the proposals of Lavinio, a bloodthirsty prince, Tresenga made ready to face the prince's revenge as he led his army against her kingdom. The citizens of Ragoli fought valiantly alongside their princess, but one by one they and their princess perished. According to tradition, it was the blood of their sacrifice that for many years coloured the water of Lake Tovel.

Michela Bilotta




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