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Sardinia Nuoro

A journey to the green heart of Sardinia

Sardinia Nuoro

The province of Nuoro is situated in between the provinces of Sassari, Oristano and Cagliari, of which 90% is covered by woods, in the middle of an island wonderfully rich for its landscape and culture. This region of soft green valleys, shaggy mountains, imposing cliffs and unforgettable sea coasts with paradisiac creeks and uncontaminated beaches, hosts a variegated and unequalled flora and fauna which makes this an area, beating with life, ready to be discovered.
If you desire making a journey to discover this fertile land and its population full of traditions without having to choose a destination too exotic then the province of Nuoro offers you all the possibilities of a green holiday perfect for the needs of sustainable tourism.

The first destination of our journey is Dorgali, one of the most interesting municipalities for its rare beauty and views. It has a very old history with archaeological finds dating back to the Nuraghe civilization which are testimony to this, and we can still breathe its power today thanks to numerous nuraghes and villages dating back to that period. Dorgali is noted most of all for Cala Gonone (Gonone Creek) a spectacular bay which seduces tourists with its calm really intense blue waters. The Dorgali coast, free of roads or urban settlements, which might have spoilt its wild fascination, today represents one of the most significant attractions of the eastern part of Sardinia

Sportive people
, especially those who love to keep in form out in the open air, can use the footpaths, slopes and small roads of this enchanting place and try their hands at a multitude of activities from the easiest to the most extreme: from horse-trekking, free- climbing to paragliding, even bungee-jumping to scuba-diving. Apart from its naturalistic beauty Dorgali is proud of its deeply rooted handcraft traditions, above all the manufacture of gold jewellery, carpets, ceramic and leather goods. The Cala Gonone jazz is an event not to be missed, a musical season which has animated the Summer evenings of the community for over twenty years.

Moving to the south of Nuoro our second stop is Orosei. Once you have seen the wonders of Dorgali you think it would be difficult to be enchanted again by something else. Yet, Orosei with its splendor, ravines, views and its iridescent colours can bewitch you once again. Large green woodlands frame a coastline of white beaches on which it’s possible to spot pink granite cliffs with their subtleness which give the area an indescribable sense of lightness and magic. Orosei is full of events and music even in the Summer, but one of the most characteristic events is without doubt the Settimana Santa (holy week which dates its origins back to the sixth century when the Spanish still lived in this land. Their rituals which have become part of the Sard culture are still celebrated today with highly charged emotional and symbolic processions.

Let’s save a little bit of energy and head towards the enchanting PosadaPosada is a typical medieval village situated on a calcareous hill from which it is possible to enjoy once again this breathtaking view. It owes its name to the river that runs through it and which makes this land extremely fertile. Its castle, said the Fava, recreates a really particular scenography. It overlooks this small urban centre and is set against a calm blue sky of skies Amongst a maze of little roads and small shops, Posada hosts some of the most awaited festivals of the Nuoro province: that of Santu Jubanne which is celebrated on 24th June, and Santu Miali on the last Sunday in August. Here you will also find unforgettable beaches of which the most noteworthy are Orvili which stretches alongside a green pinewood and Su Tiriartzu about 5km long with shallow peaceful waters and sea-beds rich with coloured fish.

Did you know that?
Nuoro is the birth place of many artists of which Grazia Deledda, the famous writer, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926. It is possible to visit a monument dedicated to her and realized by the artist Maria Lai in the Chiese della Solitudine (Church of the Solitude ). Furthermore, the house in which she lived in is now a museum and is open to the public.

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