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The Province of Savona Beyond the Tourist Brochures

Stay at an agritourism in Savona and discover its secret charm.

The Province of Savona Beyond the Tourist Brochures

The pearl of the western Riviera, Savona is one of Liguria's most beautiful seaside resorts and boasts an award-winning beach with the highest recommendation: the blue flag.

The inland area of Savona offers a gamma of attractions in the form of mountain villages, ancient churches, historic towns, archaeological sites and karst caves.

An area rich in history and things to do and see, its traditions, local crafts and events throughout the year offer something for people of all ages.

Our tour begins at Finale Ligure, famous for its rock carvings, the archaeological artefacts housed in the Civic Museum, the Roman bridge Ponte delle Fate, the magnificent medieval fortress of Castel San Giovanni and the hamlet of Varigotti, whose splendid sea seems to mirror the emotions aroused by the shimmering colours of the village.

The medieval town of Vendone is another location well worth visiting. It has an unusual stone sculpture park containing works by the German artist Reiner Kriester, who lived for many years in the area in one of the typical Saracen towers.

Nearby is Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, recognised as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Above it stands the remains of the impressive 11th-century castle of the Marquises of Clavesana.

Wandering among the narrow alleyways that run through the village, you'll be impressed by the unique medieval houses and the ancient stone arches that link them together.

Another medieval village is Villanova d'Albenga, where a visit to the Renaissance church of Santa Maria della Rotonda is well worthwhile. And why not buy some of the scented violets, famous throughout Europe?

If you're looking for the green of the countryside, the views from the town of Orco Feglino, surrounded by lovely orchards and by the wild and unspoilt Val Cornei are a reminder of the powerful creative force of nature. There are picturesque trails for hikers to explore and rock walls for free climbing enthusiasts.

Arriving in Quiliano is like stepping out of a time machine. The town contains well-preserved Roman bridges, the remains of an imposing medieval castle and the baroque bell tower of the parish church of San Lorenzo. Then suddenly, in a rapid fast-forward in time, you'll find yourself at the All About Apple Museum, which houses an exhibition unique in Italy, dedicated to information technology.

The next stop is Pietra Ligure. Not everyone knows that this famous seaside resort deserves mention not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for the Shrine of Our Lady of Salvation, the Palazzo Golli and for the traditional Flower Festival of Corpus Christi, when a multicoloured carpet is created entirely from flower petals.

Don't miss a delicious foray into the local cuisine, rich in vegetables and herbs, and enhanced by top quality olive oil, asparagus from Albenga, the famous farinata ai bianchetti (whitebait cake), mushrooms, chestnuts and truffles, not to mention the excellent white wines, such as Pigato and Vermentino, or Buzzetto, which the town of Quiliano celebrates in an annual event.

Art and nature, sea and valleys, the typical and the unusual, entrancing views and good food: the province of Savona has all of this and more, just waiting to be discovered. So close the tourist brochure, book an agritourism holiday in Savona, and let the door to your heart and imagination open.


Did You Know That…?

The sea in the province of Savona is particularly limpid, as seaside holiday enthusiasts well know. However, if you're considering the classic sea and deckchair combination, you might want to think again. In fact, in addition to the typical beach holiday, here the sea is ideal for surfing and sailing.  The sea depths in Savona also offer other unexpected surprises in the form of spectacular specimens of flora and fauna, and even sunken wrecks.

And there's more: the sea at ​​Savona is part of the cetacean sanctuary, a marine protected area where, aboard boats piloted by qualified staff, you can see whales, dolphins and sperm whales. In fact, the sea here is so much more than just for swimming in.

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